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on my resume i previously stated that I am the business associate you would love to have on your team.I am here to do anything to make your business run smoother. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about my services.I was an Associate for a company called B&B Inc. I used my business experience as an associate to work with the CEO and others to help run their company. I made a name for myself as a reliable associate who was always on time for appointments. I helped run their business operations including all of their sales departments including their call center. My time was

WELCOME TO THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

an interesting tidbit about myself: I'm the best salesman in this entire country. I would sell anything to anyone. I'd kill to make a name for myself as the most convincing salesperson. I've made a billion sales. I have made deals with the president. I have made a billion deals with politicians. I've made a lot of deals. I'd kill to make a million sales. I love to sell. I make a good living. I love it. I could live off selling. I love it. It's fun. I would kill for a lot of money. I could live off the money. I want to be the richest man, so I could do whatever I want. I could die a millionaire, I would die a billionaire just to © 2