living quarters

these are the places i lived for Years or maybe even simply just Months.,or the occasional Hour. i really miss these places, ive had so many memories formed in them. its kind of weird because the world feels like it looks completely different depending on how youre feeling, or where youre living and stuff like that. it like completely changes the colour palette. so these places are sort of like bookmarks for how ive felt during different parts of my life

first house

i lived here for the longest time out of any house In The World (so far). a grand total of 16 years spent in this increasingly dirty place. when i was first born my parents bought this house i guess to raise me, and things were going well. nice neighbourhood, very close to a lot of important stuff +my grandparents house, and it was just a nice place with plenty of room for the three of us and our Animals. when my parents split in around 2007, my father retained this house and my mother moved someplace else...

i have a lot of good memories with this place of course. it was where i stayed for basically all of my childhood, its sort of emblematic of this nostalgia and innocense that most people feel about that era of their lives. i always remember it being really sunny, going outside and seeing the clear blue sky and the beautiful but kind of barren street. i remember playing with my friends at the park that was around a one minute walk away and watching my cat Lewis go into the school across the road at night, which led to me wondering a lot about what cats get up to.. it got dirtier as time went on as my father was too depressed and busy to really clean up after himself as much as he should have. by the end of 2016 things got too bad in there and we were evicted.

grandparents house

this is my grandparents house, they had it for a long time before i was born. it had this really nice feeling to it, perhaps the quintessential comfy grandparents house. i really miss it, the backyard was super beautiful and my grandad had this shed and a bunch of chickens, and the plants were really pretty. the room that was painted pink was really cool too, i remember the window in it showed the hallway to the laundry, idk why but that was really cool to me. i slept in the Pink Room whenever i had to stay because it was the only spare room with a bed in it, it always kind of creeped me out sleeping in it cuz it had this weird doll in it. also i remember watching runescape videos in here that i downloaded off itunes. it was like this weird maze. good memories of talking on the phone to my parents from this place, watching tv, drawing here, making up songs in my head. my grandfather sold this place in 2014 after my grandmother died and moved into a much smaller place with my aunt


pink room + kitchen. i respect my grandmothers choice in painting the place gaudy colours

shed n garage, comfy

mothers first house

its really really hard to find any pictures of this place, its hidden from plain view. my mum lived here for i think a couple of years, just before she moved to her current place but just after the split. it had something to do with this womens support group type thing, they let her live there until she found someplace to live for good.i stayed here permenantly for like a year. i used to order habbo hotel coins via sms from the kitchen counter, drawing a lot of stuff and "cooking" a lot of disgusting food for fun, like carrots in salt. one time i took a tube of toothpaste and went outside and started putting it on ants coming out of an anthill. i remember the neighbours daughter was really weird and we used to hang out, one of the times i went into her house she pointed to a photograph of a baby on the fridge and asked me "Do you think she's beautiful?" i wasnt really sure how to respond so i just kind of said not really and she just bluntly said "Well she's dead"

mothers second house

second and current. i spent one of the best summers of my life here, in 2016, just chilling, i felt really social and happy and content and listened to a lot of great music. i just felt happy and safe.

fathers ssecond house