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what is my life if not a small connected group of large tubes, small houses and tunnels beaneath the earth. i documented a few days ago that i can hear the buzzing/interfitting of the walls in my ears at all times and im certain not due to the tendency to make loud noises all the time but also the tendency to want to hang around the world and be around in my own life that it could be possible its not due to illness but instead something to do with the fact that i am blessed with the power to hear sounds that most people would not even think to hear, or be able to. i am basically an innovator of hearing certain sounds, ive herd things that maybe not a lot of people would hear, it makes me happy to think ive had some sor5t of impact on the world of hearing or life or love. but in the end of the day it means nothing, its a power that nobody would ever want to have, because its useless and could even bring some pain like when i can hear walls buzzing so loud i can barely focus on anything, i gues the thing is, is the power worth it, is the pleasure of power worth it, is it even a power, or a hindrance, or a disease, it could be anything and the world wouldnt even tell me humans are a lot like bugs after all we sort of crawl around and have fun in the dirt but when its time to fess up nobody even cares or wants to hang around you the money brings the pain in and the world just wants more sucking you dry til youre as dead as a stone Cx

My warning to the world

DONT do what i did and become nothing, be something for the rest of your life, be awesome and beautiful, and dont let people turn you into a mole, dont hide in your hole and just be true and talk to the world, indulge in life and youll find yourself becoming something a lot more fully grown than if you give in to the tendencies of giving up, you NEED to have this connection with the beauty of the world through art and communication with other people and you need to connect and practice connection through doing it, if you keep trying and keep doing it youll get a lot better at it. be your true self and dont let people of the world bring you down to their level, life is like a biggggg rollercoaster and you just GOTTA KEEP RIDING IT!!!!!!!!!!!

illustrated here:The beauty of the world in the mundanity,how beautiful literally anything can be in your life as you attach it to memories or music or anything, you can be sentimental or in awe about anything in the world, theres a light inside of you that you need to focus on and let it grow, youll probably rarely feel this until you can practice it, its like dreaming where theres this paradox of having to get a grab hold of it before you have a good chance to grab hold of it. but you need to practice it. how i seeked it out: seeking smells, and beauty, listening to amazing music, and disconnecting from technology