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who is this Hubert and how is he still at large?

if you're anything like me, you just know that Hubert isn't just at large in one area. you can see in many reports that he is known to be around several areas, sometimes at once. this page, despite sharing his name, is not condoning this behaviour. if anything, hubert should not be doing these sorts of things in the public eye, he should keep to himself and spread the simple words of his world before trying to do anything else. this is known as the hubert effect - nobody takes him seriously because of this.

hubert hub


For the record: Anyone who explicitly asks or requests these tokens will have their emails ignored.

TO GET HUBERT TOKENS: Answer some of the questions we posit to you and forward the email to whoever you see fit, and then we'll let you know how many youll recieve. Keep track in your head, because our banking system is currently down. We utilised a trusting middle man snake type system that allowed us to utilise a trust AND a verification, but now it seems that everything is falling apart around us. So now, I guess, we have to rely on YOUR help.

where the hell is his effing gristle?

We're not really allowed to say. Pop lock and drop. Drop it. Drop the fucking bag. Please. Okay? Thank you, I appreciate it. Just don't mess with us. We're working hard. Stop being so fucking pressure to us, youre being hard on us. For NO reason.