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what do you think dreams are


bradford dream

Bradford asked me to play with deerhunter at their next concert and then we were all on stage but then since I never rehearsed I was clueless and he started playing songs I never heard before. all the other members were just standing there the entire time. I tried playing something over the top of his little ditty but he turned to me and said Stop it. at the end he asked me if I wanted to play any of my songs but before he could answer a Mexican guy from the audience went up to Bradford and took his guitar and started playing cowboy music. and I woke up

burger dream

dreamt that rosio got me a job at an osees burger themed restaurant and that Shane Dawson was training me even though I got away on pretty much every shift with doing absolutely nothing. someone showed me a clip on their phone of these disabled kids in a school gym performing the end of I Am Faster to the entire school, and then when they finished literally everyone started booing and laughing and yelling out insults. they seemed unphased. I also learnt that rivers Cuomo had s secret rap career, years before Weezer in fact. he released his first rap album in 1985. im sat here wondering when and why my dreams got so boring

bus dream

saw a friend's distorted face. took the bus thru town, it was completely different and wrong and in confusion I managed to get off at the same time as two friends and we were all awkward like wow it's weird that we all got off on the same stop but then I went the opposite direction to them and got really lost. heavy foliage and sterile white buildings spaced apart. came across this Japanese guy dressed as a mascot who told me that if I had seen any content pertaining to "grabbing his tail" that I should ignore it. later heard that they were on their way to visit a scam machine in disguise, "the coolest vending machine in the country" yet it was just a cash grab food dispensing thing

shaved head dream

dreamt i shaved my head and was sad, when i woke up i touched my head and felt my hair and breathed a sigh of relief

conspiracy dream

i dreamt that one of my friends was super pissed at me for no real reason and he said some hurtful things to me and everyone was conspiring against me. I had no way of knowing how to trust anyone. then I went into the break room at work and everyone was preparing party decorations. and I was like who's birthday is it? and they said it's Nicky's. we started practicing singing this song together that we said was the invader zim theme but it was like this grand choral thing but it was annoying me that nobody was singing the high harmony so I did it myself but it was always not right. the whole time it was clear that this was what I get and I had it coming and everyone hated me for a good reason. I had a fake wake up moment near the end. when i "woke" there was a letter on the floor and for some reason, this confirmed to me that everything i just dreamt about was going to come true

small town community dream

i had a dream that i was a sociable and valuable member of a small town community and i woke up feeling even more like an ant than i did before

bladee dream

dreamed of bladee the movie featuring lou reed. Lou Reed as bladee unconnected from the musician. at the end they were all crowded around in the living room as Lou Reed had passed out after they drank alchohol together. they pondered if the government had poisoned it. before hand they questioned a shopping center and got no answers at all, only pure difficulty. they were always wearing sunglasses with red lenses

foreign dream

dreamt Kaelan came to stay with Me, except for some reason my house we now in a foreign country that was never explained. i think it was the phillipines. across from my house they opened this automated cafe and I managed to break the system by never having to pay for entry. it was a really dull white room with one square long table in the middle with stools around it. each coffee was like 10 dollars and I remarked how lucky I was for having a place like this so close. me and Kaelan walked around the streets of the phillipines, there was lots of people. the streets were directly parralel to steep drops into rivers or bodies of water that all connected into the ocean. the toilets were never marked in this city so I would go on Google maps on my computer and try to memorise every toilet location.

I found this odd holiday location called Love Hotel. thought it was a brothel at first but the site was offering weirder and weirder stuff. first was the marriage room package, then the DESTROY ISIS package. there were cruises and children's stuff. me and Kaelan accidentally walked into it but the entry was one way and we started panicking. we talked to one of the security guards that were littered around the area who was inside this checkpoint type of area that we'd entered. he told us with a smile on his face but with a weary voice that we'd have to jump into the water and swim our way back. we scoffed at him and me and Kaelan asked another security guard. she told us to talk to the man controlling the gate and that hed understand. she took a photo of the other security guard we talked to, to "prove it was us". the photo came out super blurry and haunted and he looked dead.

sloop john b dream

approached by two strangers in at woolworthss asking me to put spices in their hair in my car. sounded weird and messy as hell so I said no and then they threatened to bash me. for some reason I just knew in my mind that they were indie rock legends and played on this suppodedly legendary song that was just sloop john b by the beach boys but slower. I went outside and clicked (despite being irl) on the signs on the "metal music store" and it opened YouTube videos of like children's cartoons while someone talked about Hollywood pedophilia and murders and conspiracies and stuff.

old song dream

someone on discord found really old mp3s of my really old music and kept sharing the link and going "speaking of that, this is really good"

friend death dream

i had a dream I watched my friend die. I can't remember and it wasn't really the focus of the dream, it was more the aftermath we were alone in some room and he just dropped dead and the rest of the dream was random scenes and scenarios in the aftermath

callout dream

dreamt someone I know had a callout post made and that he was under scrutiny for snapping and harassing evrryone

slowdive dream

in my dream I bought tickets with my friend to see Slowdive. I remember going to the local cinema to see them and me and my friend talking about "being unprepared with water bottles" even though we brought like five plastic bottles each. We weren't expecting a line but it ended up being massive, mostly with middle aged to old men and women dressed really dull in grey and black as if we were going to a funeral or a strange opera or something. The theatre building itself seemed massive and angular with the entrance being a long, steep staircase jutting in odd and sudden directions until leading to a large empty doorframe. We all piled into the theatre and me and my friend ended up standing in the back because we didn't want to be seated like everyone else. The first song they played was Alison and I sprinted to the front of the theatre, climbed the stage and Neil reached out his hand. I grabbed it instinctively and he flung me around and swapped places with me, and he joined the audience and started running around or dancing or something and I startedsinging really badly. After singing the chorus out of tune I returned to the back with my friend and called my old friend Riley. he started randomly telling me "if you want to win a game simply put the other person through pain" and gave me an example where he gave someone he was playing call of duty with an electric shock so they couldn't play anymore. some random kid in the audience overheard, came over and asked me if I played Black Ops

corridor of coincidence dream

walked past old friend in my dream in an alleyway, he didn't say hi or acknowledge me or anything he just looked down and said "guess it's the corridor of coincidence" and continued walking

downward sign dream

I dreamed that I was getting kicked out of my home for reasons that would not be explained to me me and my friends went out and we kept laughing because under every sign there was an identical one pointed downward I found out later that the reason I was getting kicked out was because they needed to move someone else in there, my friend, but everyone refused to explain I kept asking like what's going on with him he had a place what's happening but was being ignored I hugged someone and they said you're a wiggly hugger which was weird.. laso someone tried to build me a tiny desk like literally two feet high but gave up

old friends dream

I went up to old friends and they ran away from me for no reason and never explained why..

battle royale dream

Dreamed I was in a real life battle royale situation with my friends and I shot my friend David to death

parquet courts dream

had a dream I was out with the band Parquet Courts and I was waiting so long for them at the bus stop cuz we were going somewhere but they were waiting for food so I split up from them and got on the bus not expecting it to leave immediately but it did so I stopped at the first stop and then I noticed old high school friends at the back of the bus and they were like "do you use vanilla cream" and I said "vanilla belongs in the stomach" and got off the bus

ontario dream

had a dream ryan and keegan lived in a big house and I made weird noises outside their window and keegan kept posting shit on discord about Ontario gangs masturbsting to furry porn outside his window

drum dream

dreamt that me and my friends walked for miles just looking for a place to set up drums so we could cover a song, it was weird because none of us played instruments let alone the drums so we all sort of just went to the end of this road and set up a drum kit and then i woke up

evil power dream

had a dream that me and my friend had a weird power that let us kill anyone and we really abused it and just started killing people for no reason. we were immortal and super powerful and just went around doing whatever we wanted. weird thing was the setting though, the city was super gloomy and empty. there were no paths only parking lots and alleys led to main buildings, it was like a weird urban maze. it was all set at dusk

ball diet dream

had a dream about this guy who went on something called a "ball diet". It was basically this really weird diet designed to mess you up and make you look freakish, I was at his house and interviewing him and before I met him I was talking to his parents about it and they were super distraught and confused. The way they described it couldn't even compare to the real thing when I met him he was awfully skinny, like a skeleton, his skin was almost completely red and purple, his eyes were yellow, his lips were bruised but the weirdest thing was his nostrils were tiny, like 1 cm in diameter the actual methodology behind the diet was never explained When talking to him he sounded legitimately insane and I couldn't tell where he actually stood with regards to the diet, obviously the idea of willingly doing it is so ridiculous and his complete seriousness was first taken as dry wit but it became more apparent to me that he was just a really strange guy who found joy in it. there was no humour at all behind it

free shop dream

i had a dream about finding a shop where everything was freeidk it wasnt super busy or anything it was just me and i went in and found all my favourite albums on cd lmfao and walked out with them. kind of a good dream

knife Dream

i had a dream where I met a friend at the park and he kept scaring people with a knife while I watched

car Dream

my friend drove his car off an incredibly tall cliff and we both watched in silence as the land beneath us got closer and closer. eventually all he could say was "I'm so sorry"